Hi, It’s me Violet. I’m always ready to go out an play with you.

I live the life of leisure so I am available 24/7 365 for your Las Vegas escort needs. If you are looking for a casual pleasurable afternoon I can accommodate you. I Am an expert massage therapist. My mom was a therapist her whole life so I learned from her from when I was a little kid. I was giving my dad shoulder and foot massages at six years old! They didn’t even put the money I should have charged him into a college fund! My bad luck is your blessing! If you need a great rub down or massage in your casino hotel room or suite, give me a call.

I love to take my clients to see the sites of Las Vegas strip clubs. Whatever you want to experience of Sin City, I can be there with you. Often times I will know someone to get us a discount or a cut in line! Night time is my favorite time in Vegas. It can be quite exhilarating with all the lights and all. I’d love to hang with you and check out the wonderful views from your Penthouse suite. There’s noting like a little private one on one room service and a massage, right? I like red wine FYI!

Maybe you are looking to change it up and hire a dominatrix in Sin City? Like I said, “Whatever you want to experience”! I’ll hook you right up with the soft beat down you need. If you call me ahead of time, I can be sure to bring all the tools of the trade! Whips, Cat tails, handcuffs or ball gags? What’s your thing?


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