Hi I am Mya. I am a true Asian beauty with dark drown skin and hair.

I am an exotic beauty who doesn’t mind being at your mercy! I give! Uncle Uncle! I just know you want to dominate me like I am a naughty little school girl. Don’t you? I am willing to play all your little domination games. I can be as submissive as you want me to be. I love answering to your commands with my sheepish attitude.

I will feed your fantasies because that is what gives me pleasure. I really don’t mind being submissive if that is what you request for your outcall Las Vegas appointment with me. I aim to please. I am one of the highest rated submissive escorts in Las Vegas. Try me on for size. I’m a tight fit!

Do you want me to pretend I am a woman who was previously off limits to you? Can you crack my code? Nothing is hotter than bedding a woman who originally seemed unattainable. You want me because you can’t have me. Do something about it!
Maybe you are just a regular guy with no fetishes at all! It does happen! How about just a straight dinner and a movie? Maybe some dancing after. I’m an easy going girl who can fit into any circumstance. Let’s spend some time together. Get to know each other’s intricacies and what not. Later we can go up to your room and have some sexy time if that’s what you want. I could give you a quality professional rub down or we could just enjoy a bottle of wine on the balcony while we watch the city pass us by. Thats how we roll at escorts Vegas!


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