Hi I’m Ming, it rhymes with Zing, lol.

I am your dream escort for your stay here in Sin City. I am a gorgeous Asian woman who makes my companions feel protective and masculine when they are in my company. You won’t want me to fall over! I’m so tiny and very top heavy if you know what I mean! I’ll let you take the lead outside, and I’ll take the lead inside if you know what I mean! These escorts in Las Vegas know what I mean!

I will show you sensual delights you have never experienced. I love to give my companions the full girlfriend experience including long cuddles and intimate dinners. It’s up to you really, you are the boss. I’ll give you things you didn’t even know you wanted! Try me! Book my in room massage!

Can you handle giving up control? Would you let me be in the driver’s seat during our time together? Will you follow my every whim? I’ll tease you and please you until you just cant take it anymore! In a society where men are expected to take initiative, I know that you just want to completely give up all control to a woman. Do you want to be just lazy in bed or do you want to be tied up and ravished by a horny Asian nymph? The choice is yours. I am a mere folly to your fantasy. Call me, let’s roll!

Would you like to go walk around the casino, perhaps play some card games? I can sit by you as a good luck charm, making sure your drinks are always topped off. I would look beautiful and I would be sure you could see just a little nipple as you coyly glance down my shirt. I know that is a wild turn on for many men. Hey, I have had guys win lots of money with me as their good luck charm. Don’t knock it till you try it.


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