Hi fellas, I’m Maria. You know, like the Virgin Mary, lol.

I am the nerdy artsy type of girl with a wicked disposition and a high drive for pleasure. I like my pleasure aurally, physically and visually. My ideal day would consist of going to an art show and splitting a bottle of wine, followed by the Volcano show at The Mirage. After that we’d grab some oysters at the oyster bar and off to a Carlos Santana or Elton John concert. We’d have a few beers, walk home to you suite and fall into each other’s arms. Sounds like heaven to me! That is what Las Vegas escorts are for!

Oops, I did say that I was artsy. Stripping is an art right? lol. What woman doesn’t want to be a stripper, right? Give her a few shots of tequila, and she’d be all over the table, flinging clothes off piece by piece. Sadly most women won’t do that, even after they down a more than two Long Island Iced Teas! Most women are just way too inhibited. If your the kind of guy that wants to see his wife stripping on the bar, but she just won’t do it, I might be the girl for you! I can go from demure waif to sexy stripper in an instant. I am a true artist when it comes to performing for men. The best part is when we go out, only you can put a few dollas in my g-string. I won’t let any other guy touch me. It’s all about you babe!

Are you a more mellow visitor to escorts Vegas? Do you like the arts too? If you want I can take you “First Friday” in the Arts District here in Vegas. Every first Friday of the month from 5 to 11PM, the Arts District of downtown Las Vegas opens its streets for all sorts of exhibits and general street “fun”. We will find a variety of artists and vendors hawking their wares, plus live music, carnival games and an exotic petting zoo. Other attractions include an interactive science lab and a fleet of food trucks if you love to eat all those delicious fried carnival foods.


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