Hi, I’m Kylee. I hate writing this crap because I don’t like to toot my own horn and make up BS just for the internet!

I’m just a home grown American girl. I hear the word “amazing” when people talk about me, so “amazing” it is! I am your amazing Las Vegas escorts, Kylee. I was a stripper before, but the grind and the hassle of working with all those bat shit crazy girls made me take this career path.

I am available for discriminating gentlemen with style and class. A relationship based on mutual respect. With that said, let’s have some fun! I know how to have a great time. I know all about Las Vegas strip clubs, as being a stripper in Las Vegas helped me get learn the “ins” in and about the town. Remember it’s not who you are, it’s who you know! I gotcha covered!

Speaking of covered, how about we get to know each other over a NURU massage in your penthouse suite? You know, a massage that is often called a “Soapy” massage in parts of Asia, especially Thailand. I had a crazy boyfriend in the military and he told me about them. Imagine, me as your sponge as I wash you down while we sip champagne overlooking the Vegas skyline. It would probably be the best night of your life. The only thing better would be to actually go to Thailand yourself and get a real soapy massage.

Maybe you would like a little bit of role playing? I can fulfill your patient-nurse, cop-bad girl and teacher-student fantasies. What else you got? Do you want to see me looking sexy in a costume doing naughty things? I can arrange to make your role play fantasies real.


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