I am Jaclyn, your brunette fireball for the evening, if you are lucky!

See, I’m going to school so I can be hard to book due to my busy schedule. When I find the time to go out, you can be sure to know that you will benefit from my abundance of energy. I am one of the highest rated independent GFE Las Vegas escorts available in Vegas today. Keep trying, I may be hard to reach, but it’s worth your effort! I promise.

I don’t like to sit still for long and start many projects at once. I tend to bounce between them with all my vigor. I am always game for a new experience, even if it leaves me sweaty, dirty and hot.If you love non-stop adventure, you may want to spend time with me. I can handle all the things you like to do. I can hit the golf, or billiards ball, throw a disc or go for a swim. It’s up to you! Swimming is always fun, I have over 80 bikini’s to choose from and, of course, Vegas is a blast during pool party season. Thats why you want me with you instead of the stuffy Las Vegas strip clubs!

Do you have a fantasy to be with an exotic Latin or Asian chick? I am often confused as both. WOn’t you let me be your Asian persuasion for the night? I will love you long time I swear. Time flies in Vegas, so you’ll want to savor every second with my tiny little frame and curves. Some guys wuld call me a spinner, if you know what I mean! Do you have an Asian spinner fantasy that you just can’t crack? Let me solve it!

One of the biggest fantasies for both men and women includes a threesome with a great looking exotic Asian or a Latina girl. Believe it or not, women often have the very same fantasy! Hard to believe but it’s true! Let me be your token Asian in your most intimate of fantasies. I assure you I am up for the task. So are my friends at Las Vegas strippers! and Escorts in Huntington Beach.

Are you fishing for more than a quick romp with a young Asian escort while you are in Las Vegas? Are you looking for more? How about a simple date? Would you like to try out one of Las Vegas’ top attractions? the Aquarium at Silverton Casino? There’s bigger fish in the sea, but they have the biggest in Las Vegas. Ranked one of the top free attractions in Las Vegas, the giant salt water aquarium at the Silverton will transport you from the dry dusty desert that is Las Vegas, to a wonderful tropical oasis. Over 117,000 gallons of salt water are home to over 4,000 fish, coral and plants. Let’s have a nice day and check it out together.


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