Hello discriminating VIP’s. I am Holly.

I am here to serve you all the pleasure that a VIP deserves and more! I am a buxom blonde who loves to be outdoors. I enjoy outdoor activities and I don’t mind getting sweaty. That’s how I got my killer sun tan! What’s the best part about a tan? The white parts! I am 100% all natural!

You probably didn’t know this, but one of the most popular requests that an escort gets is to fool around with his wife! It’s a feeling that really gets turned on when a couple is here on vacation. Heck we’ve had requests to fool around with a couple and a fake Elvis on their wedding night! Some people are crazy! How about me, you and your wife cuddle tonight? I love to entertain couples as well as single gentlemen. I can make the experience more comfortable than any you can have at Spearmint Rhino strip club!

I am considered to be a gorgeous woman by my peers. I would be rich if I could have a dollar for every guy who fumbled around trying to tell me that I was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. It’s a badge I wear close to my heart. If your fantasy is to have an affair with Farrah Fawcett or Heather Locklear, or yes even Jenna Jameson, I just might be your girl! Better yet, does your wife look like Angelina Jolie? I’d love to get me a piece of that action! Give me a call and let’s get to it! Check out these escorts in Boston.

Did you leave your significant other home on this trip? Don’t fret! We can get along just fine without her. What do you say we hit a dance floor some where on the strip and do some old fashioned boogie woogie? We could hit the big clubs but, realistically, it’s much more fun to hit some of the casino lounges in some of the major casinos like Mandalay Bay, Mirage, Venetian or Wynn Las Vegas. You can have a great time here at a fraction of the price of some of the big clubs. Plus, there’s better people watching in the casino. Be my knight in shining armour.


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